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Staff & Board

Minnehaha Conservation District Staff:

  • District Manager: John Parker

  • Resource Technician: Mike Langner

  • Urban Conservation Ed. Coordinator: Alina Krone-Hedman

  • Urban Agriculture Assistant: Damon Brown

  • Field Support: Gene Jaeger

  • Secretary: Denise Fletcher

  • Watershed Coordinator: Barry Berg

  • Grant Writer: Melanie Raine

Minnehaha Conservation District Board of Supervisors:

  • Gordon Heber, Chairman — Sioux Falls, SD

  • Travis Entenman, Vice Chairman — Sioux Falls, SD

  • Jim Pfeifer, Supervisor — Sioux Falls, SD

  • Rick Bonander, Supervisor — Valley Springs, SD

  • Allen Severtson, Supervisor — Valley Springs, SD

  • Carl Eliason, Advisor — Renner, SD

  • Kathleen Mackeprang, Advisor — Sioux Falls, SD

  • Brian Top, Advisor — Sioux Falls, SD

Board Meeting Minutes:

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