Dewey C. Gevik
Outdoor Learning Center

The Dewey C. Gevik Outdoor Conservation Learning

Area is an interpretive educational experience open to

the public. This learning area emphasizes conservation

practices, their design, function, and beneficial

relationship to the environment. Through the

information presented, individuals will reach a greater

understanding and appreciation for wildlife, the

environment, and the need for conservation of our

natural resources for future generations.


Conservation practices established at the learning

area are: grassed waterway with rock weir structure,

shelterbelt plantings, native grass plantings, rock

crossing, and a natural wetland. These practices were built and are maintained to give the general public a better understanding of the benefits of conservation.


We hope you will enjoy looking through the pictures below.  To visit, go to 1/2 mile west of Wall Lake, or 1/4 mile north of the intersection of 266th Street and 462nd Avenue, about eight miles west of Sioux Falls.

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